Total Home Design

Two major companies make up our core of home design: Gruppo Euromobil and Infiniti Both excellent examples of the “Made-In-Italy” experience. Synonymous of style, artisan technique and superior quality. Together with the versatility of our three legendary brands, we are able to furnish your entire home in a one-stop shop. Hassle free. Peace of mind.

Euromobil cucine

A vision of the modern day kitchen. A trend that unites kitchen and living room.


Modularity and range. Zalf provides solutions with innovative contemporary taste. Bedrooms, Living rooms, Closets, Small personal space. Each design expresses personal choice with their own uniqueness.


Made only in Italy, every product is manufactured wit skillful care with guaranteed quality and comfort. Their “Home Soft Home” motto results in an extensive collection of armchairs, sofas, convertibles, beds, and contemporary items.